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Hospitality is a way of life for us—a living philosophy. It permeates everything
we do at The Great Room. Though workplace styles change, our dedication to changing the way people feel about going to work never will. We set the stage
for you to gather your ideas, to be inspired by others and to do great work.

Centennial Tower

The Great Room - Centennial Tower - Drawing Room - Edited.jpg
The Great Room - Centennial Tower - Main Entrance.jpg


You’re invited to a tour and first dibs on our office rooms with the most gorgeous views at The Great Room Centennial Tower.

Featuring a beautiful 36,000 sq ft office space, discover the experience of working in an environment inspired by luxury hotels, the best offices and business clubs.

Leave us your number, our friendly Member Relations team will contact you for an exclusive tour and show you how we can change the way you feel about work.


Warmest regards,

Yvan Maillard
General Manager, The Great Room


Inspired by Great Design

The Great Room Centennial Tower is designed by co-founder and CEO of The Great Room, Jaelle Ang in collaboration with HASSELL, a leading international design firm that has swept more than 1,000 awards around the world.

The Great Room - Centennial Tower - Cafe & Bar.jpg

The Great Room is sophisticated, warm and inviting. Instead of the typical office tile or carpet, its marble floor is the most distinctive feature of the design. This marble floor is made up of eight different types of stones, beautifully put together to create a unique pattern with varying hues and intensities. It subconsciously directs and points you towards the best views and fengshui that this place has to offer.

The Great Room - Centennial Tower - Work Hall.jpg

We engaged lighting designers who have worked on notable projects such as Four Seasons Hotel and Aman Resorts, on getting the perfect ambient lighting for this space.

The Great Room - Centennial Tower -  Work Hall 2.jpg