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Hospitality is a way of life for us—a living philosophy. It permeates everything
we do at The Great Room. Though workplace styles change, our dedication to changing the way people feel about going to work never will. We set the stage
for you to gather your ideas, to be inspired by others and to do great work.

LaFutura – Global Innovation and Trends Conference and Workshop


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LaFutura – Global Innovation and Trends Conference and Workshop

Limited seats for Members

The culture of trends have shifted, it’s imperative to think on a global level, what is impacting Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East influences all of us, what happens everywhere else happens to us. The four corners of the globe continue to get closer. LaFutura 2016 will investigate and celebrate global trends through the Trend Triangle: Europe, Asia and Americas.

Join us on a full day of conference and intimate workshops at The Great Room as we explore:
• What are the top global technology and society trends?
• How do we innovate in Asia, US and Europe?
• How do I transfer trends to my business?