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Hospitality is a way of life for us—a living philosophy. It permeates everything
we do at The Great Room. Though workplace styles change, our dedication to changing the way people feel about going to work never will. We set the stage
for you to gather your ideas, to be inspired by others and to do great work.

The Great Thirstday with Dr. Philip 'Flip' Stander


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The Great Thirstday with Dr. Philip 'Flip' Stander

Members only

In collaboration with Lightfoot Travel, join us for networking drinks and a night of interesting travel stories by Dr. Philip 'Flip' Stander. 

From his childhood in Namibia, to working as a ranger and a subsequent 36 years of studying, Dr. Flip Stander has devoted his life to researching and protecting desert-adapted lions, rare and precious animals that fight to survive in the unforgiving Namib Desert. In this fascinating, eye-opening talk, Dr. Flip reveals the journey he has taken and just how important sustainable tourism is to protecting wildlife across the world. Most recently he has followed a pack of five lions, ‘The Five Musketeers’, on their fight for survival, and his journey has now been turned into an award-winning documentary. Watch a clip here